RoastRite Coffee Roast Analyzer
RA-720BF BigFoot Edition

Brand New Cable Free Design with Rechargeable Battery

Coffee Roast Analyzer BigFoot Edition

One small step for roasting, one giant leap for specialty coffee

Accurate, Consistent, Affordable

RoastRite Coffee Roast Analyzer BigFoot Edition analyzes caramelization of coffee grounds and beans accurately and consistently. Affordable and easy to operate, perfect for specialty coffee instructors and roasters.

Industrial Standard

Compatible with SCA standards and Agtron Gourmet scale, no conversions required.

RoastRite vs Agtron Comparison Video

Cable Free & LSD Batteries

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, no cable required for power supply. Standard AA Low Self-Discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries can be easily replaced by users without sending in for service.

Flexible & Efficient

The sample plate with larger surface area minimizes errors while measuring whole beans. The small sample cup for grounds uses only 15 grams of grounds per test.

Convincing with Hard Data

Cupping and color check with naked eyes can only do so much. How to maintain the consistency of your roast? With digitized records and data analysis, you can professionally present your craft to clients with confidence.


RA-720BF translates roast color into recordable date, roasters can the records as guidelines to maintain quality and consistency between batch to batch of roasts.

Coffee houses

RA-720BF roast color analyzer is essential for quality inspection. Buyers can easily double inspect their purchased roasts from third party roasters.


Selected as a 2022 SCA Best New Product Award Finalist, RA-720BF is an essential instrument for certification, affordably priced for students and instructors. 


Product RoastRite Coffee Roast Color Analyzer
RA-720BF BigFoot™ Edition
Display LED panel
Sensor Near Infrared Sensor
Measurement Degree R15 ~ R150, SCA/Agtron Gourmet Scale compatible
Battery 2 LSD NiMH AA rechargeable batteries
Power Micro USB port (Magnetic) ;
Output: 5VDC/1A;
Input: 200mA, 110~240VAC
Size 4.25 x 1.57 x 3.75 mm (HxWxD)
Weight Net: 5.5lbs
Operating Environment Operating Temperature 0~40°C;
Storage Temperature -5~40°C ;
Humidity under 85% (No condensation)
Certification RoHS, CE, FCC