Roastrite Coffee Roast Meter (RA-720BF)

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RoastRite RA-720BF Coffee Roast Analyzer BigFoot Edition allows users to record, refine roasting process, and maintain consistency of the flavor. Dual cup and plate design avoids unnecessary sample waste and offers large surface for better accuracy. Standard AA Low Self-Discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries can be easily replaced by users. Packaged in an aluminum carrying case, weigh less than 5 pounds total, easy to carry and transport. Perfect for specialty coffee instructors and roasters.


  • Large tray for measuring coffee beans; Larger surface for higher accuracy
  • Small tray for measuring coffee grounds; Less sample required, less waste
  • Area Scan Technology accurately measures and display reading in seconds
  • One button operation, straightforward and easy to use
  • Boot up in 10 seconds, no alignment required

Industrial Standard
Designed to be compatible with SCA standards and Agtron Gourmet scale, RA-720BF can produce compatible measurements for SCA competitions and events without conversions.

Cable Free
Equipped with a rechargeable battery, no cable required for power supply. Standard AA Low Self-Discharge (LSD) rechargeable batteries can be easily replaced by users without sending in for service.

Precise and Consistent
With the sample plate of 14 cm in diameter, larger sample surface minimizes errors from gaps and coffee chaffs, producing more accurate and consistent results

Less Sample, Less Waste
Only 15 grams of coffee grounds are required for each measurement while measuring coffee beans only takes 70 grams. Less product wasted, more costs saved.

Lightweight & Portable
The analyzer and all accessories can be stored in the bundled aluminum carrying case and weighs less than 5 pounds total.

No Warm Up, Always Ready
No complicated calibration or boot up procedures, simply power on and start measuring.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 7 in