Ink-Free Disc Publishing with DiscFlip and LightScribe Technologies
Xymba operation chart

Ink-Free Disc Publishing with DiscFlip and LightScribe Technologies

Xymba USB DiscFlip carries cutting-edge disc flipping robotic design, each disc can be automatically flipped over for labeling after burning. Combined with HP's LightScribe disc etching technology, Xymba is the first disc publisher which can burn and label discs in one seamless process without any ink refill.

Model Code Output Type Input Capacity Output Capacity Lockable Cabinet Lockable Output
XB47 Bin 80 discs 80 discs Yes Yes
XB57 Ramp 80 discs 5 discs Yes No

Xymba disc reject system

Advanced Disc Reject System

Many duplicators in the market would stop when a disc failure is encountered, which interrupts the whole production. Xymba USB DiscFlip automatically separates bad discs from good discs and continues its current project.

Locable Cabinet

Lockable Cabinet

The lockable disc cabinet of Xymba USB DiscFlip protects disc away from dusts and unauthorized access.

Software Development Kit (SDK) Available

With Software Development Kit (SDK), software developers can utilize Xymba USB DiscFlip for applications require automatic disc burning and labeling. For more information, please refer to SDK Request.

LightScribe Labeling Capable


With LightScribe laser etching technology, Xymba USB DiscFlip can label discs without any ink cartridges.

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