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Standalone Operation, No Host PC Required

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Nimbie Standalone is a high performance, compact auto duplicator with 100 disc capacity. Nimbie Standalone can be operated without any PC connection or software. You no longer need to sit in front of a machine and feed discs. Just simply load discs into Nimbie, press a button and walk away.

One-Touch Button for Effortless User-Friendly Operation

Nimbie Standalone is very easy to operate. Simply load master and blank discs into the loader and press a button, Nimbie will do the rest for you.

Auto loading system

Efficient Robot Design with Separated Loader and Unloader

Traditional auto-loaders use a robotic arm which moves back and forth to pick up, load and unload discs one at a time. Nimbie Standalone employs independent loader and unloader eliminating complex arm movements, shortening the cycle time and increasing the production.

Disc Reject System

Advanced Disc Reject System

Nimbie automatically ejects bad copies and resumes it's current project, a simple but yet important feature that many auto loaders are missing. Projects don't get hung up by one bad disc, and bad copies are always separated from the good ones.

Interleave Copy

Duplicating Multiple Master Discs Easily

Users can load multiple master discs at once into Nimbie USB to run multiple duplication jobs in succession. To make copies from more than one master disc, just place another set of a master disc and blank discs on top of the previous set. Nimbie Standalone automatically detects the master disc and make copies with the following blank discs.

Other features

  1. Blu-ray support is available on Model NB12-BR model only

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