The Six Reasons to Convert Your CD Collection to Digital Files


Nowadays, digital music formats are chosen over physical discs. Music lovers, what do you do with your precious CD collections? Here are the six good reasons you should convert your CDs into digital files:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  1. Digital music files can be played on multiple devices.

    As digital music files, each device of such as an iPod, iPhone or your PC can keep a copy of your favorite tracks. You don’t have to physically carry CDs around such as from your home stereo system to your car.

  1. Why paying for the tracks on the CDs you already have?

    Online music stores sell songs in digital formats around $1 per song, it would cost you roughly $12-$15 per album. Why pay for songs you have already had in your CD collection?

  2. The convenience of having your own digital music library.

    Instead of looking for a specific CD on the shelf and read through it’s tracklist, songs in digital music files can be easily sorted and browsed by the name of albums, songs or artists. Finding a track you want in the thousands of songs can be easily done through few clicks of mouse.

  1. Build your personal favorite playlist.

    With digital music formats, you can create your very own playlist, your own music compilations. Tracks can also be organized into playlists to suit your mood or a particular musical style.

  2. Keep the physical CDs safe from dusts and scratches.

    While discs are remarkably durable, it is impossible to prevent scratches and scuffs after repeat usage, converting to digital formats and storing the CDs can maximize the lifespan of your collection. Also, lossless digital formats such as FLAC can compress digital audio files with no compromise in fidelity compared to the originals.

  3. Two words, “The Cloud”.

    Companies like Google, Amazon and Apple offer web-enabled storage services as known as The Cloud. You can sync and play all of your digital music via internet on all of your devices such as smart phones, iPad and PCs.

Hopefully, you are convinced that digital audio formats are more convenient than physical copies. You may be looking at your massive amount of CDs and asking “how?” Check out Disc Autoloader V.S. Ripping Service and find out your options and why our Nimbie USB auto disc loader can be the money saver compared to ripping services.

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