Rip CDs 4 Times Faster with dBpoweramp Batch Ripper and Nimbie Autoloaders

Whether for a hobbyist, enthusiast or professional, dBpoweramp is undoubtedly one of the best software for ripping CDs. dBpoweramp CD Ripper not only supports multiple formats including FLAC, MP3, M4A (Apple Lossless, AAC for iTunes & iPod), Windows Media Audio (WMA), WAV and AIFF, the dBpoweramp Batch Ripper also allows robotic disc loaders such as Nimbie USB Plus to automate the ripping process. The disc loader can load and unload CDs unattended, so users no longer have to feed discs one by one manually.

Nimbie Blu-ray CD DVD disc autoloader

Nimbie USB Plus series are PC connected disc autoloaders with disc capacity of 100. With different software programs, Nimbie can automatically load and unload discs for applications such as data backup, duplication and ripping. Previously, dBpoweramp Batch Ripper only supports one Nimbie per PC. Now with the latest Batch Ripper Acronova Nimbie Loader Driver R5, multiple units of Nimbies (up to 4 is recommended) can be attached to one PC to rip CDs. The output rate can be increased up to 4 times faster.

The latest version of Batch Ripper Acronova Nimbie Loader Driver R5 is available for download at:


illustrate dBpoweramp:
Nimbie USB Plus:

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