Physical CDs are Essential for Independent Musicians

At this era of online distribution, CD is still an important media for independent music artists. Why? Here are the few reasons:

Physical copies allows more interactions

When music artists interact with their audience, having a physical copy of your music allow a more personal approach. A physical CD not only gives buyers a sense of ownership and also allows fans to display their musical taste. CD offers an irreplaceable connection between the artist and fans. Not to mention you can’t autograph a digital download.

CD offers more sales

According to the latest report from, CD is now 57.2% of album sales in the U.S., digital albums at 40.6%, and vinyl is 2% and DVDs and cassettes are at 0.2%. Physical CD is still the most popular music format, more than half of the market would be lost via digital distribution only. At gigs or touring, CD also offers a major profit and an impulse buy besides gig fees, poster or download cards. For independent artist who need to maximize their market reach, CD is the format can not be over-looked.

Music licensing

For artists who want music attorneys or managers attentions, there are journalists and music editors who prefer physical CDs and press kit when pitching artists. CDs offer high fidelity which doesn’t lose audio quality like MP3 with high compression rates. A physical CD with artwork and packaging can offers a good presentation and leave a better impression than a business car.

There is no doubt that online digital distribution offers benefits, but CD is still an important format that should not be ignored by any artists.

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