Millenniata Launches M-Disc Blu-ray with 25GB Capacity for Permanent Optical Storage

Optical media has been the responsible data storage option for of its unparalleled longevity, broad compatibility, high reliability and durability. Now beside the CD, DVD and Blu-ray standard, a new type of optical media, Blu-ray M-Disc,  has been introduced by Millenniata. The M-Disc optical media (DVD and Blu-ray) is capable of preserving information, photos and videos for hundreds of years.

The M-Disc’s data layer is composed of rock-like materials, its data layer allows permanent physical data records to be created and immune to data rot caused by light, heat, humidity and more. Similar to standard Blu-ray, the M-Disc Blu-ray offers capacity of 25GB, and it is compatible with most of Blu-ray writers on the market. With disc autoloaders like Acronova Nimbie USB Plus NB21-BR and NB21-MBR, the back up process can also be automated without the need of manually loading discs. For both enterprises and consumers, M-Disc optical medias with autoloaders is a reliable, efficient, long-lasting, archival quality storage solution.

The M-Disc Blu-ray is now available at retail price of $4.50-4.99 per disc based on quantities.


Millenniata M-disc:
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