Importing Blu-ray/DVD Library Automatically for Media Server

Hands Free Disc Loading Solution

It is convenient to be able to browse and play your collection of music and movie directly from a media server, while physical copies of Blu-ray, CD and DVD are safely stored and kept from dusts and scratches. However, the process of importing the collection to a hard drive involving changing the discs manually one by one can be a hassle. With Nimbie USB Plus auto disc loader, up to 100 discs can be loaded continuously and automatically without human intervention, solving the problem of intensive labor.

CD, DVD and Blu-ray Compatible with SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Nimbie USB Plus is a compact disc autoloader with disc capacity of 100. Featuring a Blu-ray drive and USB 3.0 interface, Nimbie can read and write discs at a fast and reliable speed, performing automated tasks such as ripping, duplication, backup and more.

Integrated HTPC / WHS Solutions

By utilizing Nimbie USB Plus with professional software applications, discs can be imported through options of setups below:

Automated Blu-ray/DVD Importing for MyMovies Automated Blu-ray/DVD Importing for GetDigitalData

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