How to Publish Your Copy-Protected Video-DVDs with Disc Autoloader

Protect Your Valuable Video-DVDs from Being Illegally Copied

Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA)estimate billions of dollars lost every year in United States due to illegal piracy. For producers and publishers, having their hard work being illegally copied and distributed are the last thing they wish to see. Fortunately, with the right equipments and software, small studios and individuals can publish and distribute copy-protected discs at affordable costs.


Publish Copy-Protected Video DVDs in 3 Simple Steps:


  1. Convert desired DVD-video files into .ISO image files.

  2. Implant Copy protection to the .ISO files with Protect Software.

  3. Burn the processed .ISO files to DVDs by using Nimbie USB Disc Autoloader and supported software like ImgBurn or QQBoxx, copy-protected DVDs can be produced automatically and unattended.

Benefits of Publishing with Nimbie USB and Protect Software:

  1. Eliminate illegal copies and maximize profits.

  2. In-house production provides flexibility. No stock required.

  3. Affordable with simple operation.

  4. Copy-protected DVDs can be played on standard DVD players and PCs.

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