CD Ripping & App Nap on OS X Mavericks

The new OS X Mavericks offers several new features, one of them is the App Nap. App Nap helps saving power when working with multiple apps at the same time. If an app is completely hidden behind other windows, App Nap would conserve battery life by slowing the app down.

While App Nap is a great feature while operating on battery, some reports suggest App Nap can cause some issues with apps like iTunes. Ripping CDs with iTune while App Nap is activated can slow down the converting process, furthermore, freeze the system.

Luckily, App Nap can be disabled for any particular app by following the simple steps below:

1. Close the application for which you wish to disable App Nap.
2. Navigate to Applications in the Finder, then select the application.
3. Select Get Info on the application and then click ‘Prevent App Nap’/’Disable App Nap’.

With App Nap disabled, ripping CDs to MP3 with iTunes can be performed at the maximum speed which was intended.

While ripping multiple CDs with Acronova Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader, it’s recommended to disable App Nap for both iTunes and QQGetTray app.

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